BCAE 2008 – Call for Papers

1st Edition / 2008 – Call for Papers
“Ethical Management, Corporate Strategy, and Sustainable Development”

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest
October 30-31, 2008

We are delighted to announce the First Edition of the BUCHAREST CONFERENCE IN APPLIED ETHICS, which will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, on October 30/31, 2008. This edition is hosted by Smart Solutions & Support, Romania, and the Research Centre in Applied Ethics, University of Bucharest.

In a general tendency of adopting more and more ethics and compliance policies, the greatest fear of business-men is for an overwhelming corporate bureaucracy and decreasing decision-making role of company boards and CEOs. The current challenges for businesses also come in conjunction with a troubled world economy and a very aggressive public opinion favoring environmental and social commitment of organizations.

This year topic, “Ethical Management, Corporate Strategy, and Sustainable Development”, is meant to bring together both theorists and practicians interested in Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Corporate Strategy, Sustainable Development, Organizational Culture, etc., and discuss the current and future challenges for companies from all over the world. The two-day conference will be a debate platform for anyone interested in exploring how sustainable development is linked to ethical management and how can social responsibility help building stronger organizations and business communities.

Submission of Proposals
We welcome submissions from both academics and business people. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Ethical Management
  • Corporate Strategy and Environmental Compliance
  • Corporate Governance and its Ethical Aspects
  • Sustainable Development
  • Human Capital Management and Ethics
  • The role of the Ethics and Compliance Officer
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Participatory Democracy

Those who wish to present a paper are asked to submit a 500-word abstract by September 14th and final-paper by October 1st. Presentations should not exceed 20 minutes and final-papers will be circulated in early October.

Conference languages are English, French and Romanian. All accepted papers will be considered for publication both in the Proceedings and in electronic format on a special DVD.

There is a conference fee of 15 Euro, payable by all participants upon arrival. This fee does not include accommodation, transportation or dinner.

However, those individuals or organizations who wish to sponsor this event should contact directly the Conference Chair.


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