About BCAE

This is the official website of the Bucharest Conference in Applied Ethics, an annual event developed by Cristian Ducu, as part of his work with the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics (CARME), since 2008. Its main aim is to provide the best European debate platform for everyone interested in Applied Ethics and help shaping this field in some of its theoretical and practical aspects. Each year, we concentrate on particular topics and try to approach them from multiple angles, always in search of practical solutions and building bridges between academics and practicians, among the academic environment and private and public sectors. The BCAE organizers encourage critical assessments of the chosen topics.

From 2008 to 2011, the conference was organized by CARMAE team, with support from Research Centre for Applied Ethics (University of Bucharest, Faculty of Bucharest) members. The main location of the conference during this period was the building of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest. From 2012, in order to build the regional consortium to support the future developments of the Central and Eastern European Ethics Network, the complete management activities of the conference has been assigned to the CARMAE team.

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